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General Visa Information For Dutch Passport And Travel Document Holders , 08.06.2012



Dutch passport holders traveling to Turkey require visa.

Visas can be obtained at the port of entry in Turkey or from the Turkish Consulate General in Rotterdam. Sticker type visas are issued at the port of entry and allow staying in Turkey for up to 90 days. It costs 15 Euro. If there is more than one person traveling on the same passport, each individual is liable to pay the visa fee. This type of visa does not permit to engage in paid or unpaid employment.

Those who wish to obtain entry visa from the Turkish Consulate in Rotterdam should apply in person to the Consulate General. Visa fee is 60.- Euro and should be paid by  cash only. A passport size photo should also be submitted during application.

Applications to this Consulate General are admitted from 08.30 to 12.00 noon.

Persons requiring   work, study, student exchange program, truck drivers and long term multiple entry visas should apply to this Consulate General.

Tourism information and brochures about Turkey are available from Turkish Embassy Tourist Office.Tel no: 070-3469998 and email:info@welkominturkije.nl

Travel document holders  need to apply to the Consulate General in person  his/her travel document with a validity of at least 6 months, a passport size photo, fully filled application form,  
 documents proving the purpose of the trip ( hotel/flight reservation/invitation letter , information about  financial situation and employment, proof that applicant is  holder of a valid insurance policy

The documents listed above are only the basic documents to be submitted in all cases. Additional documents may be requested by the Embassy or Consulate.  

All visa applications should be made on regular Visa Application Form which can be downloaded from this website.  http://rotterdam.bk.mfa.gov.tr/AgencyInfoNotes.aspx 

Application forms have to be completely filled out online and then printed out, signed and submitted along with one photo and the relevant documents to the visa section.